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About Marlene - a short biography

One thing that people ask, is how did you start on this path? Or how long has this gift been with you? Like many who have a gift, Marlene has had some sort of awareness since she was a child. Like many this has been both a blessing and a curse at times, but Marlene has been more fortunate than some perhaps and has been able to develop these feelings and intuition into something that is more controlled and less random. So, if you are one of those who finds themselves bewildered and possibly a little frightened by things that you have awareness of, yet others around you do not, don't worry, you are not alone. These are some of Marlene's experiences; they are wrapped in a short biography to provide context and we hope they may be of help to you.
Marlene was born to a hard-working family where the shortage of material wealth was amply compensated by the love of her parents who provided their offspring with the simple pleasures that are all too often lost in today's world. She is the eldest of three daughters and has an older brother.

From her earliest years she has been aware of and seen things that many others do not. At times this has been helpful, even life saving and at times, a curse. Marlene was raised in the Mid Sussex market town of Haywards Heath (in the United Kingdom) and like many of her friends walked to school. On one particular morning workmen were replacing telegraph poles along the route that she always took. The lorry containing the new poles was parked beside the footpath that she would normally walk along and to get past, she would have to pass between the lorry and a hedge. On approaching the lorry she was struck by a feeling of extreme apprehension and felt that she must not walk past it on that side of the road, this proved to be an extremely timely warning. Marlene crossed the road, giving the lorry and its contents a wide berth, at the very moment that she drew parallel to the lorry, all of the poles rained down onto the pavement. If Marlene had not listened to the small, still voice of warning, without doubt she would have been crushed to death and I would not be writing about her now!

The other side of the coin is the curse of premonition and the ghastly effect that this can have on ones life. During primary school Marlene and her sisters had two friends who were also sisters. On one particular night Marlene had a dream that they were drowning, it was completely lucid and she felt distraught because she was unable to help them. Her Mother woke her as she had been crying in her sleep, but at the time she could not remember the dream. The next morning her mother sent her to the local shop. On the way there, Marlene stopped to speak to her friends who were sitting in their father's car ready to go for a swim in the sea at Shoreham, on the South Coast. Remembering her dream, Marlene ran home and told her mother, asking her to stop them. Reminding her it was 'only a dream' her mother suggested Marlene stopped worrying and, although still concerned, Marlene realised her friends would probably have already left by the time she reached their house again. It was impossible for her to be able to change the situation. The next day her mother had the dreadful task of breaking the news to her that both of her friends had been drowned when the valves to the cooling out fall of a power station that was located at the eastern end of the beach had been opened sucking the girls under the waves. This terrible incident had a profound effect on Marlene for many years, in some way she blamed herself for the death of her friends by not being able to prevent it.

Other, long forgotten incidents must have taken place during her school days as Marlene earned the nickname of 'witch' from some of her school friends in the cruel manner that children are often subjected to in the playground. On a lighter note, her elder brother was quite pleased to utilise Marlene's talents and used it to his advantage in predicting the results of the 2.30pm and the 3.30pm etc. He must have been really pleased one evening, as he dragged her out of bed at eleven pm to take her out for her first Chinese meal at a local restaurant! After a while, however, she was no longer able to do this. Yet, her brother continued to encourage her gifts by testing her clairvoyance with Zenner cards and games such as 'what's in my hand?'

In her teen's she also had the first of a number of experiences that can only be described as bizarre, in that they seem to fall outside what we would consider to be the normal constraints of our physical world. On this particular evening, Marlene was walking home from a local disco, as she had done numerous times before. She could see three very tall men, or at least abnormally tall figures at the bottom of her road. She felt frightened and not a little disturbed by them and ran down the road and up her short drive as quickly as possible, slamming the door behind her. As she ran to the house, the thought went through her mind; "Not now, I'm not ready yet." Looking out of the curtains, she could see no one and everything seemed as normal other than she was later back from the disco than she had expected to be.

In itself this is only a very small incident, (although it has some of the ingredients of the classic alien abduction scenario and was forgotten and not really recognised until later years.) it was surreal to Marlene at the time, in the sense that during the time of the incident her surroundings were not quite 'normal' and there seemed to be no other people around, which would have been unusual for the area, even late in the evening. As we shall see this was only one of these strange experiences.

Marlene was able to see Spirit from an early age. In fact many children are, until it is educated out of them by statements such as - "Its only your imagination dear" How many of you can recall having an 'imaginary friend' or 'visitor' as a child? Marlene shared the bedroom with her two sisters and her visitor was an old lady who used to wake her every night, standing by the bed and peering down at her. Not unexpectedly this was quite alarming and she would bury herself under the covers, as did her youngest sister, who we have only recently discovered, also saw this lady but did not admit it for fear of being thought quite mad. Interestingly, she also has a gift, but will not use or develop it because it scares her.

Marlene's own 'psychic' development came about by a chance encounter with a sandwich board on Brighton sea front, in fact she almost walked into it! The board proclaimed 'SHAMBALA' in large letters across the top, psychic readings, healing and development classes. Like many places that offer such things, Shambala was so small and tucked away in a back street that no one would have ever found it if not for the strategically place board. Investigation revealed the classes available and days that they would be run, Marlene enrolled on a Healing Course with her friend and together they attended each week, sun, rain, sleet and snow.

The two year Sussex Healers course was completed and assessment passed along with courses and competence certificates in Reiki 1 & 2. Marlene was also fortunate enough to be able to sit, with a particularly enlightened lady, for self-awareness classes. This was not apparent at the time as the classes were not always comfortable, but for the first time, Marlene was able to see she did, indeed, have a gift. Marlene persevered and often reflects on how beneficial it actually was to her and helps her keep what one of her communicators describes as, "the human condition," in check. Of course we are referring to ego, a condition that afflicts many who become arrogant when they discover that they are different or think themselves above others. They are not.

Psychic development led by the same teacher of healing, introduced Marlene to a greater awareness of the mediumistic gifts, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. (There is nothing special about these terms, they come from the French and mean to be able to 'see', 'hear' and 'sense' things clearly.) It soon became apparent that Marlene was susceptible to the deeper influence of trance mediumship; this led to her sitting for this rather more intensive development, with the husband of her teacher on a one to one basis. Eventually, a group or circle was set up for the specific purpose of developing Marlene in the capacity of both trance and physical medium. These are two very specific types of mediumship and we will discuss them on a later page. Her meditations also became very interesting and she met some of her influences (guides) during these moments of quiet. Further research into the things that came to her during meditation where very fruitful and provided a number of 'proofs' and not a few synchronicities that are quite fascinating. In some ways it proved to be (and still is) like one of those children's books in which, by joining the dots, you eventually begin to see the picture.

As Marlene's development continued, she became aware of the surreal visitations again. On one particular evening she awoke to find a very bright light shining on the bedroom curtains from outside. The bedroom has full-length curtains and a patio door through onto which you can stand on a small balcony. So despite feelings of great apprehension, you can understand why she decided to investigate the light that should not have been on the balcony! Drawing back the curtains a little revealed that this bright light emanated from a point over, or just beyond the pond opposite the house. Again it should not, could not, have come from this position as nothing was over there that could have accounted for it at the time. Bizarrely, Marlene went back to bed and did not try to wake her husband! (In fact he is never aware of these incidents.) This occurred again with figures being silhouetted against the curtains, again she was very uneasy but did nothing about it.

When relaxing on the bed at a friends house after massage for a painful back, Marlene was aware of, what is best described as a 'square viewing window', that had opened up between her and the high ceiling. Not only that, but several faces where looking down at her! These faces belonged to what we now term as being the 'little grey guys'. A number of such incidents have occurred since and seem more of an awareness of them, rather than something more immediate.

So what is this all about? Is it real in the sense of being objective or is it subjective, in that it is some sort of projection into Marlene's mind? Quite frankly we do not know and it could be a combination of both. A certain time of the night appears to play a part, in that she always awakes at this time during such encounters. Are they aliens? It would be wrong to jump to this assumption, after all our only evidence is the fact that this experience is outside of what appears to us as reality. After all, what is alien? Most would think of this as being an intelligence or biological entity from another planet. Or perhaps it could be a device or machine from another planet, in this we automatically think of 'machine' as being 'nuts and bolt' technology, this may not be the case. Equally, we could be talking about visitations from another dimension. (We must be careful here to differentiate between 'dimension' and 'Spirit realm'.) Alternative, or further dimensions are being considered by some physicists and by certain ufologist as a possible explanation to the UFO and alien abduction enigma.

An interesting insight came one evening when Marlene's husband was watching one of the UFO related programs that crop up on the satellite and cable channels quite frequently. Although she was not watching the program, she came in during a sequence when the different allegedly alien types where being shown, particular a witness drawing of a hairy sort of beast with penetrating eyes. Marlene became uncomfortable and said, quite unconsciously; "I don't like them, they smell awful." Very strange if not a real experience.

Are they connected with Marlene's development or awareness? The answer to this must be 'yes' in some way or other. Are they an integral part of it? Probably not, as others do not seem to universally report the same experiences during development. Whatever the answer is, all we can say is that it is not currently obtrusive and that the jury is out. In fact we may never be able to draw any conclusions to these experiences, other than they are a reality to Marlene and that is good enough. It should be noted that Marlene has no real interest in the subject of UFO's or aliens and has never read any of the literature on the subject. In fact she tends to avoid reading anything in general that may influence or colour any information that she may bring forth in mediumship.

During the early part of this period of her development, Marlene also began to sit with another trance medium and was impressed by the depth of the conversations held with the Spirit communicator and how natural it all seemed. This led to David, her husband, receiving an extraordinary and unexpected invitation to attend. This came about by a disagreement over which questions should be asked between Marlene and David. Quite rightly, Marlene said that she could ask her own questions, which she did that evening. Then came a surprise invitation from the communicator in his usual dry manner; "Perhaps you would care to bring along your husband on the next occasion that we meet, I believe he has some questions for me." Not wishing to turn down such an opportunity, David did attend the next meeting and as a result has tape recorded many, many hours of fascinating conversations with this communicator and others from which we term as being 'from the other side'. An inadequate term, but one that must do until someone comes up with a better term of phrase.

This has been a very rewarding experience and process of learning especially for Marlene. We have come to recognise that all these things have not come about by accident and by the law of progression has led to this web site. There is free will of course, but Marlene has chosen to accept the challenges that are laid before her. It has set her on what the ancient Tibetan Lama's referred to as the 'Long Path,' the one that is trodden slowly and methodically over a lifetime.

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