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Recommended Reading

It would be impossible for us to do justice to any great list of books on this site, Books on the paranormal and work in the psychic field are both vast in number and can range from the absolute gem which is discovered on the dusty shelves of second hand book seller, to a glossy load of old tosh. All that we can suggest is to use the web links to follow up any area's of interest that you may like to follow.

Of course there are a few that become favourites and stick in your mind and we will mention these in passing by author.

Many will remember the late Michael Bentine (26th January 1922 - 26th November 1996) as being a member of 'The Goons' and prolific contributor to radio and television, what many may not know is that he was a serious investigator of the paranormal since childhood under the guidance of his father Adam and they had a great number of the very famous old time mediums as their test subjects. Bentine and his father were witness to many wonderful experiences during this time and was moved, in 1975, to write about them after he published a potted autobiography entitled The Long Banana Skin. Readers were fascinated by his two chapter on the paranormal and wanted to know more. Between then and his passing, he wrote three further books on the subject. Doors of the Mind, The Door Marked Summer and Open Your Mind. We have been privileged to be able to read the latter two and have a recording of a lecture he gave in 1989. It is regrettable that we were never privileged enough to have met or heard him speak in life. We only hope a shade of Michael Bentine will address us one day in our home circle. Sadly these books are out of print and we can only suggest that you try and find the few second hand copies that may be around.

Colin Wilson is always a good read, he has a vast knowledge (and library) on the subject of the paranormal and occult. Despite its rather tabloid title, Alien Dawn is in fact a very good overview of the UFO, contact experience and abduction subject.
A very interesting book on abduction was written by someone from outside the UFO community, C.D.B. Bryan. A slightly sceptical Bryan attended a five day conference on the subject at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Despite his initial scepticism, Bryan was impressed by the evidence and sincerity of the experiencers and went on to produce a very comprehensive volume Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind, beginning at the conference and moving on to working closely with several of the experiencers themselves.
Colin Wilson's From Atlantis to the Sphinx is interesting in that it moves between the alternative archaeological interpretation of those such as John Anthony West, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and others, to the antiquity of man, gods and what is termed as forbidden archaeology. There are many artefacts that have come out of the ground to embarrass accepted archaeological teaching about man, his lineage and abilities in ancient times.
If you want to expand your mind further out of the box, these books are a good starting point.

When it comes to developing your psychic abilities we can't recommend too highly Betty F. Balcombe's book As I See It, which offers detailed advice on development ranging from The Aura and Healing to Clairvoyance, Divination, pendulum work and Dreams to name but a few. Betty Shine's Mind Workbook, is also a useful tool, the visualisation exercises are a wonderful means of advancing the mind. The Mind Medicine Room has helped many who are ill and is of particular use to those suffering from pain-related conditions such as arthritis. In fact, the Drifting exercise enabled Marlene to meet the grandfather she had never known and to see him reunited with her grandmother who had just passed to spirit!

Finally we come on to a book of communications from a spiritual teacher, Abu Talks. (Volume 1 & 2) We can do no better than to quote directly from the back cover of volume two;

'Abu Talks' comprises a rare collection of teachings given to the dedicated sitters of the Norman Hunt circles by spiritual teacher affectionately known to them as 'Abu'.
Abu was an Egyptian priest when he lived on the earth plan over 3,000 years ago and met an untimely end by being murdered. Throughout the intermediate years in the spirit realms, he managed - by his gradual understanding, to 'climb' to the fourth plane of conciousness. It is because of his own learning and experiences that he is able to talk to us in such knowledge and love, delivered with such simplicity, that no one can fail to understand or be touched by his teachings.
Abu and many others through W.F.Rickard - a very fine deep trance medium of rare quality. His type of mediumship was neither sought after nor welcomed, yet he patiently allowed himself to be used as an instrument for communication as often as three times a week for 14 years. He had no awareness during, or any recollection after the sittings; for him it was just as if he were asleep - with no dreams!

This material has been preserved by members of the family and some of those involved at the time. The Abu Trust was formed into a non-profit making trust in 1990. The old reel to reel tapes were edited and transcribed to produce books and audio recordings.

We would give the Abu material our highest recommendation to those who seek the truth and want to develop an understanding of the nature and mechanics of spirit communication combined with spiritual enlightenment and teaching.

Together with the books, more than 25 audio cassette tapes (and now cd's) of the actual recordings made of Abu and his fellow communicators are available from the trust.

For information and audio recording list, write (enclosing a stamp) to:

The Abu Trust
Canadia Road,
East Sussex.
TN33 0LR

Or visit the Abu Trust web site:


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