"Desperately seeking Marlene"

I am a Spiritualist Medium and communication with the Spirit World through the use of Mediumship is part of my religious belief, this is how my work on the internet began.

In March 2002, I received two letters from different parts of the country. Both asking for appointments for sittings. As I read the second one I became puzzled. How did these people know of me? I have never advertised and neither letter suggested I had been recommended ‘by a friend’. A footnote on one letter said ‘p.s. I read about you on the Daily Mail Femail website’.
Intrigued, I went to the site and, after some searching discovered their ‘Horoscopes and more’ boards. Scrolling down the page a title leapt out at me ‘Desperately seeking Marlene’. Someone had posted a message asking how to get in touch with me and underneath was a reply together with my address!
As I looked further through the pages I found a thread that asked about psychics and mediums. Reading through the many replies I came across a page where ‘someone’ had written about a sitting they had with me and telling the reader that I was ‘quite normal really’ and ‘she wasn’t even frightening when she spoke to the ceiling!’
(I now tend to look anywhere but at the ceiling when I am listening to those in spirit!)
Through answering the occasional question on these boards, and indeed, through word of mouth of the users, I am now contacted by people from all over the World to do readings by e-mail, phone, post etc. and, although I might not be able to reply immediately, I do, always, try to respond personally to those seeking help and I feel extremely privileged to be able to do this.
Incidentally, the lady who was ‘desperate’ did come for her sitting and has since become a very special friend.
I do hope you will enjoy these pages and find them both informative and useful. I welcome your comments and constructive criticisms and hope that over time you will come to view this site as your ‘very special friend’.


About Marlene
A short biography. How her gifts have affected her life, from what age and how she went on to develop them, together with some experiences she has had along the way.


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