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Practical advice for those who are considering psychic and mediumistic development. Am I a suitable candidate, what is the purpose of development and how long does it take?

The Psychic & Medium
Defining what psychic and mediumistic functioning is, with an in depth look at the many aspects of mediumship and what may be going on when a medium is working.

Trance Mediumship
Trance mediumship can deliver some of the most fascinating information available from the realm of spirit. Here we take an overview of the subject.

There does seem to be a good deal of confusion as to exactly what channelling is and there many books that profess to be the channelled works of this or that evolved soul or being and how to channel, so we cannot add much to the wealth of work on this site other than Marlene's own experiences of channelling.

Spirit Guides
Some of the most common questions asked regarding the world of Spirit concern guides. What is a Guide? Do I have a guide? Why doesn't my guide speak to me? So on and so forth. In this essay we examine what guides might be and what they are not.

A collection of quotations that Marlene’s influences have given when she is trance.

The Paranormal

Distant Healing

Opening & Closing
Why it is important to develop good practice and use an opening and closing affirmation, or prayer, when working psychically. 

Caution Is Required
A few things the inexperienced should considered and possibly avoid when developing psychic abilities.

The Language of Music
Suggestions on how listening to appropriate music can lift and inspire us.

The Use of Symbols
We are all used to seeing symbols all around us in our daily lives that convey a certain meaning or concept to us, but have you ever stopped to consider how important symbology can be when working psychically?

We all dream, some of us even have predictive dreams. Can we master our dreams and what does science tell us about them?

Psychic Art
We take a look at a look at a subject that many feel inspired to try when developing psychically, and provide a few examples of artists work.

Inspired writing
Like psychic art, many who begin to develop psychic ability are inspired to put pen to paper. Often the results are both remarkable and moving.

A short essay on the ability of a sensitive to provide information by touching, or holding of an object.

A simple instructional essay on divination using tarot cards.

The ancient art of divination by gazing into crystal balls and other surfaces, including a historical perspective. 

The Aura
A simple look at the aura, how to see, sense and draw it in the form of an auragraph.

Recommended Reading
It is impossible to recommend this or that book over another as so many titles are available to the reader. However, these are a few that have interested us, chosen because they are good introduction to further research.

The Reading Room
Pour yourself a drink, relax and pull up a chair. Read some of the writing and philosophies that have come through Marlene over the years.

The Bottom Drawer
Everyone has a bottom drawer, the place you throw everything that you don’t know what to do with. This is the websites bottom drawer and contains those things and experiences that do not fit into any of the other headings.



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