Medium Profile

Marlene is a Medium, Tutor and Healer. She joined the Sussex Healers Association in 1995 and has been a full member since 1997.

Marlene has been intuitive since childhood and has gone on to develop her gift with a number of teachers since the early 1990’s and has been a working medium since the mid 1990’s, providing public demonstrations and private consultations. Together with the expected factual information, her depth of mediumship allows her to bring forward the unique and individual character of the spirit communicator during most links.

Marlene works all over the United Kingdom and abroad giving demonstrations and running workshops at suitable venues. Her private consultations are in great demand from people from all over the world and although Marlene has never advertised her services (other than her web site and leaflets) people still seem to be able to seek her out through word of mouth.

Marlene was also an Investigative Medium for the countries leading commercial ghost Tour Company, Paranormal Tours for two years. On these investigations she was not provided with any information or the location other than it is in, say, “Oxfordshire” and yet provided pages of factual information about the location often weeks before the investigation!

Marlene is passionate about bringing the best out of her students when teaching and works as a regular tutor for Television medium Tony Stockwell at residential seminars around the country and centre in Essex. She has also provided talks and demonstrations for bereaved parent groups, which she finds very rewarding.

Marlene has an extensive web site which is a free and very approachable educational resource for anyone who wishes to find out a little more about the psychic and mediumistic subject. When time allowed she gave free online consultations, which is of note as it fulfilled “double blind testing” criteria because she did not know the name or location of the person contacting her other than by screen name!

What someone might not know about Marlene?

Marlene had her friend’s house covered in cling film by Jeremy Beadle on ‘Beadle’s About’. They are still very good friends, but her friend now lives in Cornwall!