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The Reading Room


Inspired writings and philosophy

Welcome to the reading room, a place in which to allow yourself time in the peace and quiet.
It is the place where you will find a few more examples of the inspired writing and philosophies that Marlene has received over the years.
We hope that they will offer comfort to those who feel alone, lift the spirits those who are down hearted, heal those who are suffering loss and inspire those who seek the truth. So just imagine that you are in a quiet, cosy library, the armchair awaits you and the open fire is blazing, all you have to do is allow your mind to become immersed in the words.
There are quite a few to read if you should wish to do so, all we ask of those who use the reading room is to respect it as a place of peace and reflection. All that you should take away is what remains in your mind, leaving everything behind in its place uncopied and unabused.

He was lost within himself and he could not find his way.
He was drowning in a sea of emotion yet he could not reach the surface.
"Help me!" he cried and he received no response save for one small voice which answered, "Help yourself."
"Who are you?" he questioned.
"I am that part of you to which you never listen," the voice replied.
"I'm listening now," he answered. "Please help me."
And he listened and he learned and he grew in his wisdom and he found himself and he discarded that which was unnecessary to him and he cast off those emotions which were not his to bear; fear of guilt, fear of loneliness, fear of fear itself and as he did this he felt himself begin to rise and he floated to the surface and felt the sun on his face again and the wind in his hair and he knew he would never again allow fear to become his master, for, in his wisdom he understood that


Why do you ask the question without when the answer lies within?
The answer to all things is there.
I do not speak of matters of trivia, only of those of purpose; of true worth; of value to your survival and to your existence. Of importance to your happiness and well-being.
The answers are there.


Speak from within your wisdom; from your inner knowledge; from the You that knows all, sees all, feels all.
Listen not to the voice that says, "I can't", "I won't", "I mustn't". You can, You will, You must. You know this.
Do not deny yourself the right to BE.
Do not fight your natural instinct; your sixth sense.
Know it is there.
Listen. Learn. Listen and learn and speak from your inner wisdom.


I could not see His face within the darkness.
I could not hear His voice, nor sense His might,
But I could feel His love wrapped tightly round me
and 'twas that which brought me out into the Light.

In the beginning was the Light, and the Light shone from every particle above and below the surface of the Earth and the Earth was pure and good.
Then came man.
In the beginning man was also pure and good and the Light shone from every cell of his being for man WAS the Light, as was every element upon the Earth's surface.
As time went on man began to notice man and to notice his belongings and his attributes and into his jealous heart there crept the power of darkness and it began to shut out the Light.

As man strove to become better than his brother, the power of darkness crept into his scheming mind and, again, there was no room for the Light.
And still it continued.
Man began to want for power over his neighbour, and the power of darkness spread throughout his body, filling every pore with hatred, almost completely shutting out the Light save for one tiny spark which remained within his soul.
Then came war.
For many, many centuries man fought man; slayed his own brother and destroyed the Light which was the very essence of his soul. But, although there were gains and although there were losses, man came to realise there were no winners, for there was no satisfaction to be gained from hatred and from the destruction of his fellow man.
Without warning, the tiny spark within his soul began to grow and to manifest and instead of war he strove for peace and every time peace was achieved there was great rejoicing and the Light spread further strengthening the link which had always been there despite the darkness.

It has not been easy, there are still people in power who want for more, but even they, sooner or later, must listen to their fellow men. Even they, despite the power of darkness which lurks within them, continue to carry the spark of Light within their souls. The spark which can never be extinguished. For, even they, are of the Light, came from the Light and will return to the Light.
If they would only but listen to their inner being, war could become a thing of the past, peace and love would pervade the Earth, and, once again, the Earth would be pure and good.

Within the stillness
there is turmoil.
Behind the calmness
there lies passion.
Despite mortality
life continues.
Not all is black,
not all is white.
Even in the darkness
there is Light,
Love, Joy, Hope.
Would that every man could see,
despite his own mortality,
Life continues.


I had a dream of a wonderful world
where the sky was always blue;
where secret gardens, fragrant flowers
and sturdy oak trees grew
and in this dream the sea was green,
the foam was sparkling white
and songbirds sang throughout the day
and sunshine warmed the night.
I had a dream of a wonderful world
where everything grew free,
where rivers trickled over rocks to vanish in the sea,
and in this dream the waves roared loud
as if they'd never cease
and each man smiled at each man
and the whole world was at peace.
I had a dream of a wonderful world
where happiness lingered on,
then I awoke and looked around
and my wonderful world had gone.
But my dream taught me many things
and even though it's died,
I know this could be a wonderful world.......
if everybody tried.


The next three pieces consider the passing and loss of a loved one.

What is death but a reincarnation onto another plain?
Do not weep for me when I am gone. Spend your time in celebration of the life I had and of the new life I now embark upon. My physical body may no longer operate but my spirit remains the same and now I am able to do all of those things denied to me in my earthbound state.
What is death but the greatest adventure of life?


You may not see his face,
you may not hear his voice
but you will feel his love and know that he is there.
You will know that he is with you
for every minute of every hour,
through every day, for the rest of your life.
Until you meet again.


This next poem was inspired writing, sent as a means of comfort for a friend who was finding it very hard to come to terms with her husbands passing.

For all the things I never said -
for all the things I never did
I'm sorry.
For leaving you the way I did
I'm sorry.
For loving you the way I do
I'm grateful.
Be glad for me - I feel no pain.
Believe me - we WILL meet again.
I know what you are going through.
Have faith - all that I say is true.
Remember, darling, I love you.
Don't worry.


Do not long for other men's riches, for riches bring their own problems and if we have nothing for which to strive
then we will never experience the sense of achievement
which comes from attaining our goals.


When we learn to accept that which we have been given;
the kiss of the sun; the touch of the rain; the breath of the wind: when we learn to appreciate the scent of a flower; the babble of a brook; the majesty of the trees:
when we learn to be grateful for the sky above our heads and for the earth beneath our feet, only then can we understand the true meaning of wealth.


Give a man all the riches in the world and you take away his self-esteem.

Have FAITH in yourself;
TRUST in your instincts;
BELIEVE in your goals
and above all, KNOW and ACCEPT that people LOVE YOU for the person you are, not for the person you feel you should be.


When you give a smile away you will always receive a brighter one to take its place.

Let your feet run with the deer,
let your heart fly with the eagle,
let your mind wander across the plains of the earth,
across the rivers and the seas,
reach out to the sun, the moon, the stars,
be as one with the spirit of the universe
and you, my friend, will have found freedom.


We dislike in others that which we most fear in ourselves.

Q. When does a dream become reality?

A. Whenever you want it to.


We should never wish for our children that which we would wish for ourselves, for our children are people in their own right and we should not seek to influence their lives if to obey our demands leads them to ignore their own instincts.

In the beginning we are all but an empty canvas awaiting life's colours. Each one of us has a choice. The wealthiest man may choose to paint his canvas darkly
with black and sombre colours. Equally a man from the gutter may paint flamboyantly, splashing richness and vibrancy throughout. Either way we each have the capacity to create a masterpiece.
As the potter moulds his clay, we, also, have the opportunity to shape our lives. As the sculptor chisels,
we, too, may chip away that which is unnecessary, harmful or superficial. As an engineer tends his machinery, we each have the chance to ensure our lives run smoothly.
We are artist, potter, sculptor and engineer rolled into one.
We are all equal at the beginning, but until each one of us takes responsibility for our own "self", we can never be equal at the end.


Do not waste your waking hours in dreams.
Dreaming of what might have been.
Dreaming of what is yet to be.
Spend your days constructively.
You dream of climbing a mountain? Do it.
You long to swim the ocean? Do it.
You want to walk around the world? Then go ahead.
There is nothing to prevent you from these achievements.
The only obstacles are in your mind.
Dreams are wonderful adventures of the mind.
Turn them into adventures of the body and spirit also.
You have a dream? Do it. And do it NOW.


One cannot be all things to all men, for if one strives to do this then the share allotted to each man will be but a meagre one and therefore insufficient to fill his needs.

With the first cry of a newborn baby;
the reincarnation from caterpillar to butterfly;
the blossoming from seedling to flower,
the world is ever-changing in its beauty.


If all the world stopped fighting
and if all the wars could end,
if no one died from hunger
and if each man had a friend;
if countries stood together
though divided by the sea;
if the whole world stood united
what a good world this could be.
If colour never mattered
and if hatred, greed and spite
were never contemplated
then our future would be bright.
If people never spoke of "I"
but always spoke of "we",
if each man loved the next one
what a good world this could be.


Use each moment wisely,
do not waste it in hatred or want or lust for revenge.
Be grateful for what you have, for what you are, for the teachings of life's experiences.
Know contentment.


Speak to me only in gentle tongue;
my ears do not wish to hear words of anger or hatred, or bitterness.
Speak to me with tolerance;
my life has no time to waste on prejudice.
Speak to me words of wisdom;
my mind will not accept inanities.
Speak to me only words of kindness and of love for your fellow man,
and my heart will be open to you and will welcome you and therein you will stay.


Find yourself, within yourself. Hold "you" in your hands.
Examine "you" from every angle. Do you like what you see?


Why does a whale swim the sea, the sea?
Why does a whale swim the sea?
Because he has a right to be free, be free.
Because he has a right to be free.
Why do the birds skim the sky, the sky?
Why do the birds skim the sky?
Because it is wonderful to fly, to fly.
Because it is wonderful to fly.
So what, then of you and of me, of me?
What then, of you and of me?
We're glad of the chance just to "be", to "be",
We're glad of the chance just to be.


Our feet may never cover the same pathway;
our eyes may never witness the same view;
but hearts and minds can travel any distance
and mine will journey everywhere with you.


There was once a man and he was troubled for he wanted to know the reason why.
Why he was as he was, why he did as he did. He wanted to know the very reason for his existence.
So he travelled to the four corners of the earth asking each man that he met, "Why am I here?" and each man that he met shook his head and went on his way and the man had still to receive his answer.
And he visited the teachers and the gurus and he asked, "Why am I here?" and the teachers and the gurus shook their heads and went away and the man had still to receive his answer.

Then he spoke to the trees and he asked, "Why am I here?" but the trees shook their branches and rustled their leaves and his question went unanswered.
And he cried out to the Spirit of the Universe and he asked, "Why am I here?" Answer me for only then can I know true peace."
And the Spirit of the Universe answered him and said to him, "You have travelled the four corners of the earth. Your eyes were open but you did not see the beauty which surrounded you. You did not see the lakes and the mountains, the valleys and the seas. You did not see the ground beneath your feet and the sky above your head. You have visited the teachers and the gurus and you did not recognise the knowledge that was available to you. You did not notice your chance to learn of greater things than the answer to your question.
You spoke to the trees and you did not appreciate that they, like you, are living things, yet they do not question "why?"
And the man said, "I do not understand. Why have you not answered my question?"
And the Spirit of the Universe said, "Look at yourself, listen to yourself for the answer lies within."
And he opened his eyes and he saw the wonders of the world, and he opened his ears and he heard words of knowledge and of wisdom and he journeyed into his heart and deep within himself and he recognised the true joy of "being" and he found peace and he knew he would never again need to question "why?"


A frustration with life lies at the root of all anger.

Waste not a moment in regret for what might have been;
for words spoken in anger; for deeds done in ignorance,
for, surely, the key to the future lies in the present, not the past.
The future is here and now.


Let thy feet tread softly on the earth
for she gives life to thee.
She nurtures; she protects;
she provides for man as no human mother can,
but she cares as a mother cares
and often - she fears -
that man will never stay his hand
until he has brought about her destruction.


If I can learn to be an open channel;
if I can learn to keep that channel clear
and use it for the benefit of others,
there is a purpose to my being here.


Visualise a rainbow, marvel at its hues,
feel them all around you, purples, pinks and blues,
orange, green and yellow, feel them on your skin,
breathe the colours deeply, let them sink within;
let them cleanse your body, from inside to out,
rinse away your worries, wash away all doubt.
Feel the softness seeping through every single cell,
until you see that inner spark flicker and then swell
into every little corner until it's glowing bright,
purifying - filling you with hope and love and light.
Watch as all your troubles disperse and fall apart.
Visualise a rainbow and hold it in your heart.


There is nothing which cannot be learned.

Friendship: The one thing that costs so little, yet gives so much.

When another's words anger, stop - listen to your inner self and ask whether your own reaction is made in denial
of the honest truth.


Do we not suffer so that we may understand the suffering of others?
Is not despair a means of helping us to understand joy?
And surely we behold ugliness so that we may recognise beauty?
For if we cannot see the darkness, how can we ever choose to walk in the light?


When you feel despondent
you are thought of with respect and affection.
When you feel downhearted
your kindness and consideration has touched the lives of many.
When you feel alone
you have many friends.
When all else fails
remember to acknowledge
that you are loved and needed and that you are,
above all else,
a very special person.


Too often man is so intent on finding the right direction he is blind to the path which lies before him.

What is a friend?
Two ears that listen,
a shoulder to cry on,
two arms to hold you,
a rock to rely on,
a mouth that speaks words
that are honest and true
and a heart
with love for you.


How often have you sought the solution without when the problem lies within?

Whilst it is good to be looked up to; to be respected and admired, as a blossom on a tree, remember it is not the blossom but the root, the unseen foundation, which holds the true power.

There was once a man who knew that he was special. He knew that he was special because he had the power of communication. He knew how to communicate with man, with flowers, with birds, with trees. He knew how to communicate with the sun, the wind and the rain. But the one thing he had that no other living creature had, was the ability to communicate with the Universe.
He knew how to communicate with the Universe because he also knew that he and the Universe were one and the same.
But mankind had forgotten, for man was not interested in things of beauty and of nature. Man wanted only for material things. And in order to obtain material things man had to change his life so that life became an existence of working to earn enough money to buy more material things and when man had bought those material things, he was still dissatisfied. So he began to work longer hours in order to buy bigger, better things and when these were obtained, still he pushed himself harder to earn more, to buy more and he could not see the tiny hole he had begun to dig for himself was growing wider and deeper and that his life was on a downward spiral.
And the man who knew that he was special tried to point out mankind's mistake but the people jeered and sneered at him and told him he was mad.
He went from place to place telling people of his conversations with the planet and they told him he was crazy.
He told them of his visits to the stars and his communication with beings from other worlds and other dimensions and they told him he was drunk or drugged or both and he was kicked and beaten and ridiculed.
And he thought, maybe they were right, maybe he was mad, or crazy or both.
So he tried to close his ears and to ignore the voice of the Universe and he tried to close his eyes so he would not see the wrongdoings of mankind. But the Universe refused to be ignored and it continued to speak to him until he realised the voices he heard were not voices in his head, or voices of his own making and he remembered who he was and why he was and how he and the Universe were one and the same.
Then he realised that, although mankind might never be able to communicate as he communicated, they would, one day, understand, and know, as he knew, that he was special.


"He knew what he'd been sent for, his mission seemed so clear,
to make the people listen, to draw the people near,
to lead, to let them follow, the path that must be trod,
to soften words of anger, to stem the flow of blood,
to quell the thirst for battle, to silence battle songs,
to show a brighter future, to right all mankind's wrongs.
He came here with a mission and he would not conceal
the truth, the light, his purpose - to guide, to help, to heal.
But the people would not listen, they laughed into his face
they told him he was crazy, yet he went from place to place
in the hope someone would hear him, but in each place he was spurned,
he was punched and kicked and beaten and their backs were cruelly turned,
until he finally questioned his monumentous task,
he thought, "Maybe I'm crazy!" then he began to ask,
"Why should I even bother to seek to save mankind?"
And when the people needed him they sought but did not find
the one who'd tried to help them and they cried out in despair
as the world was filled with turmoil and it seemed no help was there.
But they knew he'd had a mission, and they knew, too, why he came,
and they knew that they were ignorant,
but they never knew his name."


Every drop of rain brings with it life.
Every ray of sunshine brings its warmth.
Every act of kindness brings its own reward.
But any amount of love, even the tiniest spark, will grow and manifest, spreading its light into every corner of the world.

We feel the ache inside the flimsy heart.
Which way to go?
Do you know?
A mind in turmoil rushing here and there, not setting anywhere.
And yet
do not forget
we who love you are still hree,
we are, my dear,
we would not let you down,
or drown
in wells of sorrow,
tomorrow never comes,
only today
your pain will cease,
cease it will
and cease it must,
be still
and trust.
Marlene, 27-1-03

You are free to do
the things you want to do
for no one else controls your mind
but you
your mind can travel any distance
let it fly to where you'd like to go,
enjoy the sights and sounds and smells
and when
you're ready
bring your mind back home again.
When others words are thoughtless
and unkind
only you control your mind
and can decide to let the words cut deep,
to shrug to smile, to laugh - why should you weep?
You have the Power, the Power of the Mind
Remember this, my dears and you will find
you're free to do the things you want to do
For no one else controls your mind - but you.
Marlene 8-9-03

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