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This web site has been set up to enable Marlene to reach more people throughout the world without the need for either party to travel. On most occasions Marlene's gift of mediumship works just as well without the need for a face-to-face meeting.

Firstly, we must make it clear that much of the material contained on this site is not written by Marlene, as she is far too modest to write about herself and what those in Spirit can demonstrate through her. She will be the first to say that what is provided comes through her, not from her and she is merely the earth bond link of a Spirit Team that works with her, some are known to us, others are not. All have become our dear friends over the past few years through Marlene's trance mediumship.

The other purpose of this site is as a resource. A resource that people can use to find out a little more about the psychic and mediumistic subject in a way that is very down to earth and approachable. It is not definitive, it could never be. The subject and its many facets are vast, it is more of a taste of what we believe to be true, told to us by those who work with Marlene and others from the Spirit Realm. Many times you will find things that are written by people who, to suit their own agenda, wish to surround themselves and the subject with an air of mystery. This is unnecessary and certainly not how those in Spirit desire to see things done, they only wish for honesty and openness.

Where we discuss specific aspects of the subject such as Tarot or Pyschometry the information provided is given in good faith and includes any extra insights that our friends on the other side have on any particular points of interest, this will add depth to the reader.

Hopefully, it will be of interest to the casual browser as well as the more serious seeker and that this will be the spark that turns the former into the latter. This can only lead to an increase in the Spiritual Awareness of those who wish to explore more about the subject. Not in a religious sense, as what we are talking about here is love, love that is not wishy washy in the fragile sense of human emotion, but love for your fellow man (not matter how abhorrent they may seem) and love for the world in which we live. Love encompasses all faiths. This is the essence of unconditional love, as a concept it is very, very simple. However, for those of us who reside in the physical world, it is terribly difficult to achieve. That said, the world will be a much better place if we all were to strive towards this goal rather than to say it is too difficult and not try at all. We know and accept that the world in which we currently live is just as much a realm of Spirit as any we may aspire to. Incarnate form is not a trial, test or rehearsal for the next life and as such we should all acknowledge and celebrate this by making the best use of our time in this wonderful world in which we live.



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